Friday, 11 October 2019 11:36

£20,000/year Charity Donation

Can you believe that it's been a year since we started this amazing journey? For our Fifth instalment of our Charity Donations, we had selected 1 charity to receive £1 for every skip we delivered or exchanged between 1st Oct - 31th Dec 2019.

That charity is… NSPCC

So far we have raised a total of £3,694!

Since July 1st 2018 we have so far raised a grand total of £25,915 for amazing local causes!

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“I knew it was a bad secret cos it was hurting me to keep it”


Owner Rick Allan said:

Like many of us, I am sheltered from what goes on around us.

Growing up, the basic necessities of food, warmth and a loving family were just the norm for me.

I recently contacted NSPCC and asked if I could meet with them and was both appalled & astounded by what they told me happens on our doorstep in Cumbria.

537 sexual offences against children under 16 in Cumbria last year!!!  What the hell is going on???

I had no idea the scale of abuse that many children in Cumbria are being subjected to and witnessing things a child should never have to see.

Childhood shapes who we become – So I say let’s help these kids become great!


A word from NSPCC:

“We are delighted that Brampton Skip Hire have chosen to support NSPCC, and the Carlisle Service Centre, which will receive the fantastic donation of £1 per skip delivered or exchanged throughout October November and December. The plan is to use this money to ensure we increase the reach we have in supporting children at risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and criminal exploitation (CE). This will mean that we will be able to increase the number of children we work with on an individual basis as these children tend to be the most vulnerable children who have complex needs and are at risk of significant harm of sexual abuse. We will also use some of this kind donation to go into residential homes and schools that are based in Cumbria to deliver awareness training to children and young people who have been placed there. We know that these children can be most at risk of CSE as they are living out of their family home,  often placed away from their home community, meaning they have little or no support from family members who should be their main support network. What we do know that in relation to the “County Lines” criminal activity these children are the most vulnerable and information from the Police and Children’s Commissioner supports this. So the very kind donation made by Rick is going to be targeted to reaching the most vulnerable children on both an individual intervention basis and on a group basis to raise awareness. The outcome of this should be that we     1) Provide a direct intervention service to Children identified as being at risk of CSE or are already victims of CSE  and 2) Provide early intervention services to groups of young people who at a higher risk of being victims of CSE. The other outcome will be that the professionals and carers in the child’s life around them will also have their awareness increased about CSE which is vital to ensure we create an arena of safety around children.”


To find out more about the work The NSPCC does, or to donate to them visit